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Service Standards


This section sets out the standards that you can expect from us and that we expect from you if engaging in our service. If you do not feel that the service you have received meets these standards, we encourage you to follow our complaints procedure which is available on our website.

The Karma Nirvana Honour Network helpline provides:

  1. Emotional and practical support
  2. Information and guidance
  3. Referral service
  4. Literature

The Helpline provides a national service to all victims and survivors of forced marriage and honour based abuse. The helpline and email service also provides this service to professionals that may be supporting a victim or survivor of a forced marriage or honour based abuse.

Karma Nirvana services users include men, women and children. Karma Nirvana professional service users include agencies such as all statutory bodies and voluntary agencies. Professionals can access the helpline to discuss:

  • risk assessing
  • safety planning
  • specialist guidance on FM/HBA
  • advocacy to other professional agencies

Third party referrals include family, friends and employers/colleagues.

Karma Nirvana is a UK based charity. The helpline is unable to support foreign nationals living outside of the UK. Karma Nirvana can support British nationals living outside the UK and foreign nationals living in the UK.


We will:

  • Answer all telephone calls within 20 seconds.
  • If it is not possible to answer a call, use voicemail and return calls within the next working day.
  • Tell you about the services that we offer
  • Respond to emails within the next working day of receipt
  • Do our best to ensure our service is accessible to you and meets your need

If you are not satisfied, please follow our complaints procedure.

The helpline will not:

  • speak to your family/community
  • tell you what you should and should not do
  • stop contact with you if you decide not to take on board options we have suggested
  • provide counselling
  • provide advice

Feedback & staffing

We will:

  • Ask you what you want from us and work with you to identify the service that best meets your needs
  • Provide you with opportunities to give us feedback on the service you receive
  • Inform you of any changes we make to our services as a response to your feedback
  • Keep to a minimum the time you have to wait to access a service
  • Be consistent in the service we provide


Click to view our Confidentiality Policy, Data Protection Policy and Complaints Policy/Procedure.