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We are here to listen and to help anyone who is affected by Honour Based Abuse. If you are in an emergency situation, please call 999.
We are here to help and offer you support.

We are here to help

Honour Based Abuse is a form of domestic abuse. It can come in many forms, and although it is a problem in certain communities, cultural traditions do not make it OK. Abuse is abuse. No one – not even your family – has the right to control you or to harm you emotionally or physically.

Many women are affected by Honour Based Abuse. You are not alone.

Help is available. Safe, confidential, free services exist for you. We support over 2,000 victims every year, many through our national Honour Based Abuse Helpline.

If you are at risk, or if you are concerned for someone who is, we are here to listen and to help.

Free / 0800 5999 247 / Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Request a call back

Please remember to leave a safe date and time.

I was so alone and frightened. I am eternally grateful to the helpline staff who listened and understood what I was going through. They helped me turn my life around and were there when no one else was.

Did you know?


Contacts to the national Honour Based Abuse Helpline


Number of victims supported in 22/23


Victims experienced and threat of Forced Marriage in 22/23

Who do we help?

People call our Helpline for many different reasons.

Since 1993 we have helped thousands of girls, women and men across the UK. We tell them about services that are available. We help them find safe, temporary accommodation. We discuss ways to make them more safe and secure. And we advise on getting a divorce or an injunction.

We are here for everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexuality or faith.

Calling the helpline was an important part of my journey to freedom as it helped me to realise that the emotional abuse I was experiencing was *not* and *should not* be considered normal and acceptable purely on the basis that it was not physical.

How the Helpline works

When you call the Helpline, you will speak to someone who is trained and experienced. We understand the complexities around Honour Based Abuse and we will listen and offer emotional and practical support.

We do our best to answer all calls within 55 seconds. If we can’t, you will go through to our voicemail service and we will call you back when it’s safe to do so. If you leave a message, please tell us your name and number, and the safest time for us to call you back.

All calls to our Helpline are confidential. We never share information with anyone, other than in exceptional circumstances. For example, we may on occasion have a duty to notify appropriate authorities if we believe someone is at risk of serious harm or if we receive information that a child is being abused or neglected.

Calls are not recorded. We will be able to see your phone number, but you can withhold your number if you prefer. You can remain anonymous when you call our helpline.

If you are unable to call the helpline then you can email us and we will come back to you.

What is the Multi-Agency Government Guidance on Forced Marriage?

In the UK, forced marriage is a crime. It is a form of abuse directed towards a child or vulnerable adult, including adults who are forced into marriage against their free will.

You can read the full Multi-agency statutory guidance for dealing with forced marriage and Multi-agency practice guidelines below.

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Even during the pandemic the quality of support did not change.