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Our strategy

We have a bold vision and an ambitious plan for 2021-2024. Our three-year strategy will shine the spotlight on Honour Based Abuse.


Ending Honour Based Abuse in the UK.

Shining the spotlight

Honour Based Abuse is not widely recognised as a form of domestic abuse. It is often misunderstood or dismissed in the name of ‘culture’ or ‘tradition’. As a result, it remains hidden.

To bring an end to Honour Based Abuse, we must first bring it into the mainstream. This is the focus of our new organisational strategy.

What barriers stand in our way?

Our plan

Our strategic priorities have been developed to overcome these barriers. We will:

  1. Improve cross-governmental accountability in responding to Honour Based Abuse as a form of domestic abuse, within the wider Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) framework, to influence policy, law and practice responses.
  2. Train frontline responders to improve identification, understanding and responses to Honour Based Abuse.
  3. Develop a national dataset to better understand the scope, scale and prevalence of – and appropriate responses to – Honour Based Abuse.
  4. Increase the number of specialist safe spaces that exist for victims and survivors of Honour Based Abuse to speak out.

Our strategy

Read more about how we will shine the spotlight on Honour Based Abuse in our strategy for 2021-2024.