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13th July 2023

Day of Memory 2023

Join us in raising awareness of the National Day of Memory

We would be grateful if you could take part in social engagement to raise awareness of our National Day of Memory.

This day provides an opportunity to honour the memory of victims of Honour Based Abuse. We would be incredibly grateful if you could share the pre-designed assets in the link below, using the hashtag #WeRemember on 14th July.

Any noise we can make on this issue helps to raise awareness of the issues and the support available to victims and survivors.

You can amplify our key messages by posting and sharing frequently throughout the day, encouraging users to re-share using the hashtag #WeRemember.

Want to end Honour Based Abuse? Let’s start by correctly defining it.

At our conference, Karma Nirvana will be launching our survivor-led definition on Honour Based Abuse.

During the past 18 months, we conducted workshops with members of Karma Nirvana’s Survivor Ambassador Panel, to ask them about:

This feedback informed the development of a survivor-informed national working definition of Honour Based Abuse that is reflective of lived experience. This project was supported by Dr Lauren Eglen, Rights Lab Research Fellow in Gender and Forced Marriage, University of Nottingham.

Download Social Media Assets

To assist with your messaging, we have created a set of sample social media posts for you to use:

On the National Day of Memory, we come together to remember those that have lost their lives to #HonourBasedAbuse with @KNFMHBV #WeRemember 🕯️

Sample 1

In the UK, 12 lives are tragically lost to #HonourBasedAbuse every year. Today, we come together to honour those lives and stand with survivors. Let’s raise our voices, remember their names, and unite in working towards a safer future. Together, we can make a difference.🕯️ #WeRemember #EndHonorBasedAbuse #SupportSurvivors

Sample 2

Want to END #HonourBasedAbuse? Let’s START by correctly defining it.

Stand with us to make our survivor-led definition for Honour Based Abuse statutory. Together, we can make a difference.

Sample 3 – Definition

The National Honour Based Abuse Helpline provided support to 2,346 cases last year, shining a light on the alarming prevalence of #HonourBasedAbuse. It’s a hidden issue that continues to persist. Let’s break the silence and stand against this form of violence. 💔💪 #EndHonorBasedAbuse

Sample 4 – Prevalence