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National Helpline

Facts and figures, drawn from calls to our national Helpline, which shine the spotlight on the extent of Honour Based Abuse.

We established our Helpline to bridge a critical gap in service provision for victims, survivors, and professionals. Our commitment extends to offering assistance to men, women, and children, ensuring that everyone facing challenges related to Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage finds the help they need.

Our commitment to combating Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage is deeply rooted in data-driven insights. We understand the importance of accurate information to drive effective strategies and solutions. Here, we present key data points that shed light on the challenges, trends, and impact of Honour-Based Abuse and Forced Marriage. Through these insights, we aim to raise awareness, inform policies, and inspire positive change.

These statistics represent more than just numbers; they reflect the real experiences of individuals affected by Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage. By sharing this data, we aim to create a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by victims and survivors, as well as the progress we are making together in our collective efforts to end these forms of abuse.

The picture so far


Contacts to the national Honour Based Abuse Helpline


Number of victims supported in 22/23


The year the Honour Based Abuse Helpline was established

The Helpline in 2022/23


West Yorkshire reported highest number of cases


Victims experienced and threat of Forced Marriage


English not first language

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Honour Based Abuse Helpline 2022/23