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Write to your MP

Step 1: Find your MP’s contact details here.

Step 2: Write to your MP letting them know why this Bill is so important to you and asking them to support the Bill.

Template letter to MPs

Dear [insert name of MP]

Ban Virginity Tests & Hymenoplasty

I am writing to you in support of new amendments introduced to the Health and Social Care Bill intended to ban the harmful practice of ‘Virginity Tests’ and Hymenoplasty in England & Wales. The new amendments introduced by Richard Holden MP are supported by 27 cross-party signatories and numerous women’s rights charities including Karma Nirvana and MEWSO.

Current law

In England and Wales there are 22 known clinics that offer hymen repair surgery and an unknown number of clinics offering so-called ‘Virginity Tests’. These practices are a form of violence against women and girls, perpetuating ‘virginity myths’ that connect a woman’s virginity to her hymen and her worth. As things stand, the government has committed to supporting a ban on virginity testing but is yet to commit legislating for a ban on hymenoplasty.

What I am asking for

I believe that both virginity testing and hymenoplasty should be banned in the UK. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists supports this position, recognising that neither procedure has any medical benefit, and both are harmful practices that create and exacerbate social, cultural and political beliefs that attach a false value to women and girls in relation to whether or not they have a sexual history.

The government’s commitment to tackling violence against women and girls must include the banning of both virginity testing and hymenoplasty. The Government has currently committed to legislating against virginity testing but has not yet made this commitment on hymenoplasty. A ban on virginity testing is undermined without a ban on hymenoplasty as the two practices are inextricably linked. A ban solely on virginity testing is compromised unless a hymenoplasty is also prohibited.

Support for Clause 1 and Clause 2

Richard Holden MP has proposed an amendment to the current Health and Care Bill to implement a ban on both virginity testing and hymenoplasty in the UK. I ask that you give the New Clauses your full backing over the legislative process.

On 7th September 2021 there will be a parliamentary event for MP’s to ‘drop-in’ and learn more about the legislative proposals. Members of Parliament are invited to ‘drop in’ to Terrace Dining Room B between 12:00-15:00. The event provides an opportunity to meet with campaigners and medical experts from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Karma Nirvana, The Middle Eastern Women & Society Organisation and IKWRO – all who support Clause 1 and Clause 2.

As a constituent, I feel strongly about this very important issue and urge you, as representative of [insert name of constituency] to attend this Drop-in event and to give the New Clauses your full backing over the course of the coming legislative process.

Yours sincerely,