UK Helpline: 0800 5999 247 | Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm. | If you are in immediate danger call 999 | [email protected]

Whether you are at risk or are concerned for someone that is, we are available to listen and help. We offer confidential support to both victims and professionals. Call us on 0800 5999 247.

  • Are you being PRESSURED to get married against your will?
  • Do you fear to bring SHAME & dishonour on your family?
  • Have you been emotionally manipulated or physically ABUSED?
  • Are you being told to get married because of your RELIGION?
  • Do you worry about being DISOWNED?

If you have suffered emotionally or physically, have been disowned or are thinking of leaving home we can help you. If you are LGBTQI and fear the consequences of coming out, we will stand by you.

Perhaps you have been living in a forced marriage for years and would just like to talk, we will listen and we will help you too.

For over 25 years we have helped thousands of men and women across the UK. Karma Nirvana does not discriminate between age, gender, sexuality, faith or no faith.

Our lines are open 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Helpline Testimonials

Calling the helpline was an important part of my journey to freedom as it helped me to realise that the emotional abuse I was experiencing was *not* and *should not* be considered normal and acceptable purely on the basis that it was not physical.
Sofia, victim caller
I work as a school social worker and I contacted Karma Nirvana for advice re a young person I had worked with in the past. The response was calm, understanding, knowledgeable and although informal it was still very professional. I cannot thank them enough for the information given and will ensure I continue to tell other professionals and young people I work with about this incredible service!
School Social Worker

“I was so alone and frightened. I am eternally grateful the helpline staff who listened and understood what I was going through. They helped me turn my life around and were there when no one else was.”

Ameena, victim caller

“One of our students was being pressured to marry, she was over 16 and we weren’t really sure where we stood legally. Thankfully, I was told about KN’s support line. They gave us sensible practical advice which gave us the confidence to act.”

Sally Teacher
I am a Police Officer and made contact regarding a HBA victim. I spoke to the helpline and the call handlers were both amazing and full of information and knowledge.
Police Officer

This is the first time that I have contacted the service - as a professional seeking support for a young person and I found the advocacy to be excellent!

Lorraine Social Worker

Helpline statistics

Helpline Statistics 2017


Since launching the UK Helpline in 2008 we have received almost 70,000 calls. These calls have come from a range of individuals including victims, concerned friends and professionals (such as teachers, police officers, social workers and doctors).

The current volume of calls to our helpline is just the tip of the iceberg. Karma Nirvana doesn’t have the financial resource to advertise or hire year round PR agency support and so it is likely there are many thousands of people in communities up and down the country that don’t even know we exist.

There are a number of other charities and organisations around the country that also support victims of HBA & FM, as well as the government's Forced Marriage Unit, who collate their own statistics. 

Have you recently called our helpline and spoken to one of our call handlers?

Please complete this brief evaluation survey. It is important to get your feedback to demonstrate to our funders the impact that our service has. The survey is anonymous.


All calls are confidential. We never share information with your anyone. In exceptional circumstances we are duty bound to share information with appropriate authorities. These conditions are:

  • We believe someone else is at risk of serious harm or serious physical harm or death, including suicidal callers.
  • We receive information that a child is being abused or neglected
  • If we are instructed through a court order
  • Where a caller threatens a call handler or tries to prevent the helpline from being used to support others.
  • If we receive information about acts of terrorism or bomb warnings

Telephone calls are not recorded. If you contact us by phone we will be able to see your phone number and may use this if one of the situations listed above arises. If you prefer to remain completely anonymous you can withhold your number before calling. All calls will ring for 20 seconds and if unanswered will then divert to our safe voice message. If leaving a message please leave your name, a contact number and time to return the call. Voice messages are responded to the next working day.

If you can’t call us now you can request a call back and one of our advisers will give you a call, or email if you prefer. Fill out the form on our contact us page and we will get back to you within the next working day.

If you contact us by email, we will be able to see your email address. Although your email address will be kept confidential, you may prefer to remain completely anonymous by setting up another email account. Emails and letters are stored securely.  Emails are responded to the next working day. Support is not provided over any Karma Nirvana social media platform.


Calls to the helpline are free from a UK landline and UK mobile phone.

Karma Nirvana is a member of the Helplines Partnership - all our helpline services adhere to their quality standards.

Our Call Handlers

Our call handlers are highly experienced and trained. They understand the complexities surrounding honour based abuse. The helpline team are there to listen and offer non-judgemental emotional support. They can give immediate practical guidance and discuss various options available,

If there is a risk to a caller’s safety, we will assist in sourcing safe, temporary accommodation. Where necessary we can signpost to appropriate services to meet yours needs, such as obtaining a divorce, getting an injunction or improving security and safety.

Our call handlers are able to advocate to agencies where they do not fully understand the risks posed to victims of Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage.

No Recourse to Public Funds

At the helpline we can provide emotional and practical support to victims with no recourse to public funds. We DO NOT provide immigration advice.

Some suggestions for support for victims with no recourse to public funds are:

DDV concession (if on a spouse visa) 

  • Rights of women – who can provide immigration advice 020 7490 7689
  • Contacting Citizens advice for advice or signposting to relevant services
  • Speaking with an immigration solicitor
  • Contacting children’s services if you have children and no recourse to public funds
  • Contacting adult social care if you are a vulnerable adult and have no recourse to public funds

If in immediate danger contact the police on 999

Service Standards