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Get your own spoon in the fight against forced marriage!

 Our volunteer Nicola Town was so overwhelmed with the horror and loss after hearing the tragic case of Banaz Mahmod, she decided she wanted to help. She came across this article in The Telegraph and knew just how to support Karma Nirvana. Loving the arts, the internet came to her rescue with the idea of small spoons that could be made into jewellery to sell to raise awareness and fundraise.

Meeting the team who were 100% behind the idea we agreed to take a few samples and sell. The little spoons sold immediately and the rest is history. They have constantly been referenced in media articles, our Day of Memory campaign and inevitably helped a number of victims at risk of forced marriage avoid going abroad by concealing spoons in their underwear at airport security.

The key piece of advice was given to a victim, 18, when she found herself leaving the country to be forced into a marriage, once she arrived in Pakistan. The victim called Karma Nirvana’s helpline, after finding our number on the internet. Speaking to a call handler, who thought quickly on their feet provided the suggestion of hiding a spoon in their underwear in order to set off metal detectors at airports. As a result this young lady was saved from leaving the country, as airport staff were alerted to the spoon and escorted her into a private room. There she was able to inform staff of what was about to unfold. With the support of Airport Police she was safely escorted from the airport vicinity and supported by ourselves with other frontline providers.

Please remember this advice is a last resort measure and to prevent a victim from leaving the country when all other measures have failed. We work with many different agencies to ensure a victim is prevented in being placed into this position. Karma Nirvana has taken nearly 70,000 calls in a decade and receives 22 reports per week from young people about honour-based abuse or forced marriage. Our campaigns are encouraging organisations like Soroptimist International , who have raised over £5000 by selling spoons.

Each spoon is hand assembled and painted, by Nicola, with only the components charged for, assembly is free. If you want to help us construct them, then please contact us and we will make it happen!