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Media Coverage

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Date Subject Title
21.03.18  His boyfriend of 13 years committed suicide – now he’s fighting back.  Gay Star News
03.03.18  Lessons to be learned to end ‘Honour Crimes’ The Yorkshire Post
08.11.17  Slaves on our Streets: ‘Honour-based’ abuse and forced marriage rife in London, campaigners warn.  The Independent
31.08.17 Counter-terror programme is “doing a fantastic job” insists Home Secretary Amber Rudd during Leeds visit  The Yorkshire Post
03.07.17 There have been 110 forced marriages in Hertfordshire in the last three years The Mercury
26.06.17 Mothers ‘an unseen force’ in ‘honour’ abuse – BBC News BBC
08.06.17 Special Report: Police help save girls from forced marriage and rape Sheffield Telegraph
08.05.17 Mothers ‘an unseen force’ in ‘honour’ abuse – BBC News BBC
22.04.17 ‘I’d seen four of my sisters abused in horrific marriages…. Belfast Telegraph
23.02.17 Jasvinder Sanghera: I ran away to escape a forced marriage – BBC News BBC
08.05.17 ‘I refused to marry my cousin after the death of my siblings’ Daily Mail
03.05.17 The number of honour-based crimes being reported in Greater Manchester Manchester Evening News
17.04.17 Most teachers ‘not given training’ to spot signs of forced marriage The Independent
11.04.17 Charities sound the alarm on male ‘honour abuse’ – BBC News BBC
31.03.17 We Cannot Be Silent On ‘Honour-Based’ Violence Huffington Post
25.11.16 Forced marriage: ‘I broke the chain. I’m proud of that’ The Gaurdian
16.11.16 How Pakistan’s tighter laws on honour killings can affect the UK The Independent
04.08.16 Did we do enough to stop this Welsh woman from being ‘caged’ in Saudi Arabia? The Telegraph
13.07.16  Shafilea Ahmed Memorial Day to mark murdered schoolgirl’s 30th birthday Warrington Guardian
14.06.16 Forced marriage and honour abuse are still ‘under-reported’, conference in Bradford is told The Telegraph and Argus
30.03.16 “Honour-based abuse” survivor Jasvinder Sanghera on the reality of Murdered by My Father Radio Times
23.02.16 Forced marriage ‘tip of the iceberg’ – Marilyn Stowe Blog Maralyn Stowe
08.12.15 Forced marriage isn’t a ‘religious tradition’. It’s plain abuse – and I should know The Telegraph
26.09.15 Schoolgirls need protection from forced marriage, Ofsted warned The Guardian
24.07.15 Karma Nirvana: Spending a day at the helpline advising terrified girls The Independent
14.07.15 This Harrowing Photo Shows Why ‘Honour’ Killings Are Anything But Huffington Post
10.06.15 First ever forced marriage conviction in UK The Telegraph
17.10.14 Beaten and raped: the dowry violence that shames Britain The Independent
22.03.15 Record numbers contact helpline for forced marriage and honour-based The Independent
10.03.14 This Woman Used Her Own Experience Of Forced Marriage To Save The Life Of Others Huffinton Post
16.08.13 Girls escape forced marriage by concealing spoons in clothing to set The Independent