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Every year on July 14th Karma Nirvana hold a National Day of Memory (DOM) to remember all those that lost their lives to honour killings. In the week leading up to the DOM, together with our partners around the country, we raise awareness of honour-based abuse and forced marriage.

This year is extra special as our charity reaches its landmark 25th anniversary. We hope that all of the organisations we've worked with over the years and members of the public will show their support.

There are an estimated twelve honour killings of British citizens every year, however, given the complexity of these murder cases we believe, as do other organisations that the real number is considerably higher.

Day of Memory 2018

This year July 14th falls on the weekend and so rather than host a conference (as we have done previously) we will be holding a series of activities and events in the days leading up to the Day of Memory.

This year's focus is very much on generating national awareness and fundraising. There will be a big drive online via social media as well as with partner driven local events. We would love your support on both.

Given the focus is to raise awareness we want you all to use the official hashtags #WeRemember and #StirringuptheConversation.

Here are some tips how you organise your very own DOM event!

Our team are currently putting together a DOM pack that will include literature, posters, awareness cards, merchandise and other useful resources and ideas to support local events and online awareness raising. We want you all to come together over tea and cake using our packs and the information provided to show your support in tackling honour-based abuse.

To register your interest in supporting this year's Day of Memory in our very special 25th anniversary year, please email us.

We will then send you further information.

We hope you can join us to remember those that have been lost to honour killings.